" Kenbo " is intuitive and simple while remaining powerful and flexible.


Most of the software available in market are mere data bank having comprehensive datas but not very helpful in guiding the user on practical grounds. They all are serving the purpose of library only, but not very actively involved in solving the cases. This leads to many kind of failures and disappointments in young physicians.

" Kenbo "
is desigined to keep in view the original requirement of a physician. This will not only educate a physician, but also inspires to adopt the classical hahanemanian practice. Comprehensive case taking, thorough analysis of case, assorting symptoms on miasmatic grounds, analysing causative factors, creating a clear conceptual image and finaly selection of right repertorial approach leads to accurate similimum of case. Follow up with the help of Kent,s 12 observation and hering,s law of cure enlighten the way of true cure.Software is enabled with very user friendly screen, fastest search process and online repertory and materia medicas. The sole purpose of software is to become an essential tool of every homoepathic clinic.

For young docters, this is very difficult to decide about the quality of symptoms, ascertaining the dominating and fundamental miasm, evaluating the case and proper follow up of case according to hahnemanian laws.

We consider " Kenbo " to be among the most beautiful, complete and robust of any such kind of software. It is designed with tools to help you see the big picture while staying true to the uniqueness of each patient.