a complete homoeopathic solution



  • Physician Data Manager: " Kenbo " creates and manages multiple data records of the physicians that includes personal as well as professional details.

  • Patient Data Manager: The software also creates and manages multiple records of the patients like General Information, Case History, Present History, Past History, Family History, Personal History, Examination History, Investigation Details, Consultation Details and Billing History.

  • Case Analysis / Classification of Symptoms: The software assists the user in classifying the selected Symptoms ( symptoms gathered from Patient Data Manager ) and refining, preparing a list of symptoms that will be used in further Case Processing.

  • Pathologic Physiology: " Kenbo " presents the listings of investigations and symptoms of the case in structural form.

  • Hahnemannin Miasmatic Pathology: It helps in identifying the various evolution phases of a Chronic case as per Hahnemannian's Miasmatic Concept ( Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic ). The software system will detaec the Dominating Miasm for all stages of patient's life. This module will also provide a listing of drugs ( NOSODE ) which can cure the Dominating Miasm.

  • Evaluation of Symptoms: The software undertakes the actual sorting of Symptoms using Kent's Classification in which the sorting order should be Mental, Physical and Particular. Apart from Kent's approach there is one more order for Causative Symptoms. The final sorting order will be Cause, Mental, Physical and Particular.

  • Sequential Totality: " Kenbo " identifies the Dominating Miasms for each period / phase of a Patient's life. The system also displays the set of affected sectors / Systems / Organs along with corresponding Symptoms for whixh the System is affected.

  • Synthesis / Portrait Building: " Kenbo " will use the Gradation given to each Rubric and it will create a portrait of the most probable disease. Views which are displayed: Per Symptom / Per Evolution based / Per Miasm / Per Kent's Classification.

  • Repertorization: It is the process of finding suitable Remedy for a given set of Rubrics. " Kenbo " will automatically find out the Dominant type of the symptoms and suggest any one of the following approaches: Kent's Approach / BoenningHausen's Approach / Boger's Approach / Regional Approach.

  • Planning & Programming of Treatment: This will suggest the perfect Potency and Repetition for a particular Patient using Medicine Rules.

  • Test Case: This feature should be used by the user for Fast Case Building purpose.

  • Repertory View: This feature enables the user to view and read the various Repertories in most flexible way.

  • Multimedia Viewer: This feature will be activated only with the Repertory View. Through this the user can play any Audio or ideo files attached with some Rubrics and Remedies

  • Text Editor: " Kenbo " enbables the user to create, open or print Kenbosoft - format and standard windows format files. It will be used mostly when user wants to change the Patient Certificate formats given in the System and to get it printed.

  • Admin Panel: This feature will be used by the Admin users for the data entry purpose only.