why Kenbo ???



Following are the benefits of " Kenbo " which makes it a complete homoeopathic solution:

  • Directs the physician to take and record the case in a proper manner

  • Recording the case studies and maintains them uniquely.

  • Guiding the physician in processing the case studies that includes:
    • Case Analysis
    • Classification and Evaluation of symptoms
    • Acute and Chronic Totality Listing
    • Hahnemannian Miasmatic Pathology
    • Pathologic Physiology
    • Conceptual Image Building of the Disease
    • Suggesting the appropriate repertorial apporoach by analysing the case
    • Suggesting the most suitable drug

  • Assisting the physician in planning and programming of treatment through:
    • Suggesting the potancy of the drug
    • Indicating the drug change requirment in follow -ups
    • Suggesting the drug frequency

  • Maintainenance of the billing history of each patient , thus providing the back office support to the physician

  • Maintenance of physician records is also a plus point in " Kenbo ", which provides the freedom to the physician to maintain his / her data saperately

  • Provides the rich repertory and materia medica view